Dance star Fatboy Slim admits the birth of his son was a major "shock" - because he didn't realise fatherhood was such a challenging job.

The YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY, BABY hitmaker - real name is NORMAN COOK - has endured tough times raising four-year-old WOODY with DJ wife Zoe Ball, but is proud of the way they've both managed to adapt their lives and responsibilities to give their boy the best possible start in life.

He says, "I won't deny, parenthood was a big shock to us, and we're still on this steep learning curve.

"Zoe has days when she says, 'Oh, I'm a c*ap mother,' but we've had a lot of help and I think we do ok.

"I did all that new-man stuff like changing the nappies and getting up in the night."

02/01/2005 21:29