Fatboy Slim once avoided eating at the Glastonbury Festival for four days so he wouldn't have to do a poo in the toilets.

The DJ-and-producer - real name Norman Cook - made his 16th consecutive live appearance last month at Michael Eavis' music event which is held at Worthy Farm in Somerset, South West England, and is famous for it's eclectic line-ups and fantastic atmosphere but infamous for mud, rain and less than lavish lavatories.

Cook finds the rest room facilities very grim and so once conducted an experiment and refused meals to see if he could avoid having to do a 'number two' while on site.

Speaking to Observer Food Monthly magazine, he shared: ''Hunger is good on stage. Once we did four days at Glastonbury without any food passing our lips. But it was partly a scientific experiment to see if we could avoid using the toilets.''

Food-lover Cook admits he avoids eating before his live shows because he doesn't want to feel sluggish on stage.

But the 'Right Here, Right Now' hitmaker doesn't tour as much as he once did because he doesn't like being away for too long from his family, wife Zoe Ball and their two children, son Woody and daughter Nelly, and he has a formula by which he decides whether or not to accept a booking.

He revealed: ''Nowadays I'll make sure to insert food and sleep somewhere into my schedule, although I won't eat in the five hours before a gig, or afterwards, unless there's a banana in the bedroom, or my stand-by pork pies, before I get into bed.

''But I cherry-pick gigs nowadays by using my Five Fs criteria and only doing those which score three Fs or more. The Five Fs are whether it will be Financially rewarding, Fun, a First for me, a Favour for a friend, or getting me near great Food. I played two gigs in Copenhagen to secure a table at Noma. The gigs were good but even if they'd been rubbish it would have been worth it for the food.''