Fatboy Slim is not ready to retire.

The 55-year-old DJ - whose real name is Norman Cook - has no plans to step away from the decks in the immediate future, now that his son Woody, 17, has finally decided his job is cool.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Norman said: ''It took him 16 years to see Dad's job is actually pretty cool. That's just kids.''

''I have been DJing in Ibiza since 1987. I can imagine it will happen at some point but I am nowhere near that point yet. I am not giving up anytime soon.''

However, Norman's other child with ex-wife Zoe Ball - daughter Nelly, eight - is a huge fan of her dad's work and always has been.

He said: ''My daughter, when she comes to watch me at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza - as you don't have to be over 18 and she is only eight - that makes her year. She loves seeing daddy at work. No, she's not embarrassed about me at all. I find other ways to embarrass her, don't worry.''

While Norman is a hugely successful DJ, he admitted his musical tastes are quite different to what he plays in his sets.

He said: ''I don't listen to dance music at home. I love scratchy old black music. Pre-war blues, gospel, reggae. I love the music I make but you don't want to take the party home.''

Last year, the DJ admitted that performing helped him get over his marriage split.

He and Zoe broke up in September 2016 after 18 years together and he believes getting back on stage has been extremely therapeutic for him as he came to terms with the split.

He said: ''Though I have always been the one conducting it, with some of the troubles I've had in the last year it has actually been quite cathartic for me to lose myself and to get a taste of my own medicine.

''For those two hours I am on stage all my worries and stresses and troubles in the world disappear and I am a 17-year-old who can do anything.''

And Norman, who has been sober since checking into a rehab facility in 2009 to so he could beat his alcohol addiction, also insisted that he doesn't need substances to enjoy himself.

He explained: ''I hate the term natural high. It just sounds so naff but I call it euphoric recall.

''I think there is enough nonsense going on in my head that as soon as I get out there and feel it - I definitely revert from being a father of two.

''I am not doing anything too naughty. But think the results of what I did when I was 17 are still in there - there's some craziness.''