Superstar DJ Fatboy Slim has his former HOUSEMARTINS bandmate Paul Heaton to thank for saving his marriage to TV presenter Zoe Ball - after he helped him quit drinking.

Fatboy, real name NORMAN COOK, and British TV presenter ZOE BALL temporarily split last December (02) amid rumours of his heavy drinking and partying lifestyle and her infidelity.

But the pair are now happily back together.

Reformed alcoholic Heaton, now frontman of THE Beautiful South, performed with Cook in the 1980s, and advised the PRAISE YOU hitmaker that quitting the booze would help him rescue his own marriage.

A source close to Heaton and Cook says, "They talk often and Paul was there for his pal. For a long time Paul was quite a heavy drinker. For many years he too had a wild lifestyle but he managed to curb it in the end because he knew it was taking him the wrong way.

"Now he's a real family man. His example and advice made Norman realise that he would have to calm down... or risk losing both Zoe and their son WOODY."

27/04/2003 14:50