Fat Tuesday is well under way and American musician Harry Connick Jr has been speaking about his love for the Mardi Gras festival.
Fat Tuesday, also known as 'Shrove Tuesday', will see people around the globe indulging in fatty foods before the ritual fasting which begins on Ash Wednesday tomorrow (9th March 2011).
Singer and actor Harry Connick Jr appeared on The Rachael Ray show today to discuss his family's Mardi Gras celebrations. The 43-year-old, originally from New Orleans, was asked whether he still celebrates 'Fat Tuesday' at his current home in Connecticut. Harry replied, "You know, we party so hard in New Orleans when I'm down there, it kind of leap frogs all the way through to Connecticut. I mean, these things go on all night! And it must mean that I'm getting old, but I can't take it, man! I don't think I can do it every year". The American crooner performed 15 shows on Broadway last year and Ray asked him whether he would ever consider an extended Vegas residency, to which he replied, "That's one of those deals where you really have to think - and this is a horrible thing to say - it's really about the money. And I'll tell you why: I got three kids, we love living here, and for me to pick up and move to Las Vegas, which is a city I love, to do a show every night for years ... they would have to write a pretty sizable check, you know what I mean?".
The Fat Tuesday or 'Mardi Gras' celebrations in New Orleans are expected to attract a record breaking 3-million plus people this year.