Liza Rios sued the Lean Back star in 2014, claiming he agreed to split the profits from Big Pun's songs with her after her husband died in 2000, but revealed she hadn't been paid a cent since 2005. She was reportedly demanding over $1 million (£801,500).

The confidential settlement was reached in Manhattan Federal Court in June (16), and her lawyer, Lita Rosario, announced she was pleased with the "fair" settlement, but now the 46-year-old rapper is reportedly trying to back out of the agreement.

Fat Joe, real name Joseph Cartagena, reportedly does not agree with Rios' request to give her the rights to music used in TV shows and movies, insisting he would not have turned over those rights. He also claims Rios never proved contracts pertaining to the rights existed.

"It was never the intent or understanding of Defendant Cartagena that he would be assigning rights to contracts that were never presented to him," Fat Joe's lawyer wrote in court papers. "Further, this was never agreed upon in mediation."

According to, Rios' lawyer is denying Cartagena's claims and has filed a motion to reopen the case and have a judge enforce the settlement.

Fat Joe wants the settlement thrown out.

"To date, no evidence whatsoever has been provided or otherwise exists, that there was ever a final agreement between the parties," his lawyer states in court papers.