Returning rap star MASE is facing legal action, after he failed to attend a New York concert he was scheduled to headline.

On Saturday night (25SEP04), hordes of fans flocked to Long Island's NASSAU COLISEUM for the WELCOME BACK concert, which had Fat Joe and the TERROR SQUAD, Elephant Man, Mobb Deep and Lil' Flip, among the list of scheduled performers.

But, on arrival, fans were greeted instead with signs alerting them that Mase, real name MASON BETHA, would not be performing and they had the option to get their money back.

Promoter NAQUAN BUSBY fumes, "Bottom line, we got a signed contract from him for the show. Mase was the only act on the whole bill that was paid 100 per cent of his money upfront. He got it, every dime. Homeboy was paid. He disappointed his fans. He disappointed everybody."

Busby said that in addition to wiring Mase's $45,000 (GBP25,000) performance fee to an account, he also sent the MC plane tickets to travel from Atlanta to New York. Busby says he got word from Mase's camp on Friday that the rapper wouldn't appear and would be spending time with his wife and newborn son instead.

Busby claims he was able to recover only $26,000 (GBP14,400) of his money and will be suing Mase for the rest.

Mase and his managers have yet to comment.

28/09/2004 02:27