Rapper Fat Joe fell into a deep depression after losing his protege Big Pun as he also struggled to come to terms with the deaths of two close family members.

The Lean Back hitmaker reveals he was hit with a triple tragedy when Pun died from a fatal heart attack in 2000 and he had a tough time dealing with his emotions.

He says, "When Pun passed away I went through depression. But I'm not just saying depression lightly. Real depression. It was him, my sister, and my grandfather (who died) at the same time."

The 44 year old was feeling so down after the deaths, many of his friends doubted he would ever be able to make music again.

He continues, "I was going through so much and everybody doubted me. Everybody, my closest friends. One night..., New Year's Eve..., I'm in (my parents') house... and I'm about to go outside and party... I come down the staircase in the projects, and this is like, five of my best friends on Earth, and they arguing with each other. They like, 'Yo, he's done. Joe's over. He's done...' I came out, I was like, 'Yo, y'all really believe that? Y'all think it's over for me?' and that put something in me to go record big records (sic). And even though I discovered Big Pun, the truth is he taught me how to make hit records."