Fat Joe has lifted the lid on his public war of words with fellow rapper 50 CENT - he insists their feud is nothing more than "entertainment".

50 Cent recently launched a verbal assault on Fat Joe and Jadakiss on new track PIGGY BANK, after they appeared on his rival Ja Rule's hit single NEW YORK.

And while Fat Joe has fired back on a track called MY FO FO on his upcoming album All or Nothing, he maintains their rivalry is nowhere near as fierce as it's portrayed in the media.

He says, "I have no problems with (50 Cent)... Me and my entourage don't pack heat. This is entertainment. 50 Cent is selling tons of sneakers, tons of records. He's rich. He lives in the suburbs of Connecticut.

"He's not looking to kill Fat Joe; Fat Joe's not looking to kill him."

08/06/2005 03:10