The new movie from the Farrelly Brothers, The Three Stooges, is a modern re-working of the Vaudeville characters that originally became popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Talking to Associated Press, Pete Farrelly - one half of the star directing team - explained why he and his brother had decided to resurrect the characters: "We wanted to do it because we love The Three Stooges," he explained. "Kids today don't know The Three Stooges are. They're going away. It's awful. These are the funniest guys of my lifetime."
Farrelly added that the Three Stooges "are the biggest influence on our comedy, we grew up watching them." Acknowledging that some doubted their ability to create a faithful reworking on The Three Stooges, Pete said "a lot of people said this is crazy, you can't do this, you won't do it right, this is sacrilege but we felt it was sacrilege that kids today didn't know The Three Stooges and we wanted to bring them back. It was a big thing to bite off but we believed that could do it right." In praise of her directors, the actress Jane Lynch, who plays the role of Mother Superior in the film, said "these guys were so good, they nailed the slapstick, the physical aspect of it, no one gets hurt, it's just great!"
The Three Stooges aren't the only characters that the Farrelly brothers are resurrecting, though; they are also planning on releasing a sequel to Dumb and Dumber soon. The original stars of the show, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are both said to be on board for the movie.