Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star JACLYN (corr) SMITH has won her battle with breast cancer and is now all set to stage a major career comeback.

The sexy 55-year-old is bouncing back after a tough year battling her health problems and now has the strength to take on a bigger role in hit American drama THE DISTRICT.

Her health crisis meant Smith could only take on a small role in the series last year, but now she's set for a regular role.

She says, "A year ago, I really worried that my life was in danger. I didn't know what the future held and it was scary. Now that I've beaten cancer, I feel like everything is possible.

"I get on my knees every night, saying, 'Thank you, God.'"

And Smith is thanking her Charlie's Angels pals Farrah Fawcett and KATE JACKSON for helping her get through the worst of the treatment, explaining that both offered her support and help during her darkest days.

28/08/2003 21:31