Actress Farrah Fawcett's drug addict son has turned the ageing pin-up into a nervous wreck because he keeps threatening to hurl himself from the balcony of her 14th floor apartment.

The former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star has no doubt that 21-year-old Redmond O'neal has a death wish and she's terrified he'll use her Los Angeles home as the venue for his suicide.

Fawcett, 59, reveals her junkie son has started attacking her when she challenges him about his drug use, and begs him to stop.

In an exclusive interview with America's National Enquirer, she says, "Redmond attacks me when I try to prevent him from leaving or when he threatens to jump off the balcony. He's always threatening to leap.

"He says, 'I hate that I hurt you. I don't care if I die.' He goes out there (on the balcony) and he pushes me back in across the room.

"I'll do anything to stop my son running out into the street. I'll take a bullet for him. He's hit me a few times... He shows no remorse afterward.

"I know sometimes when we talk he has the best intentions of not wanting to hurt me. That's why he pulls away from me, he sees the pain in my face.

"I blame myself for not being able to reach him. But, with him, it's almost the more I try, the more I fail."