A Malibu, California restaurant manager is trying to put Farrah Fawcett's troubled son behind bars after he attacked him as he was being escorted out of a seaside diner.

MIKE AUGELLO claims Redmond O'neal, Fawcett's son with ex-lover Ryan O'Neal, turned nasty after he asked the 20-year-old to leave seafood restaurant The Reel Inn when he spotted him begging diners for money.

Augello was escorting Redmond out of the restaurant when the youngster turned and punched him. A group of diners came to Augello's rescue as he fought with Farrah's boy, and threw the troublesome red-head, who spent his teenage years battling drugs and alcohol problems, out into the car park.

The restaurant manager has since filed a police report and the authorities are investigating the incident.

Augello says, "I don't want money - that would just come from his father. What I'd really like is for this guy to spend a week in jail."