A controversial private detective has been accused of illegally wiretapping Farrah Fawcett after forming a close relationship with the actress.

It's claimed the screen star - who's expected to unveil explosive details of her life on upcoming reality TV show CHASING FARRAH - was one of ANTHONY PELLICANO's victims before he was sentenced to jail on explosives charges.

A spokeswoman for the actress confirms Fawcett was once wiretapped but refuses to reveal why the listening device was planted on her - or who was responsible.

However, policeman-turned-investigative reporter JOHN CONNELLY - who's writing a book on Pellicano - is convinced the private eye took advantage of his relationship with Fawcett and tapped her.

He tells website THE SCOOP, "Anthony Pellicano had first worked on a case investigating Farrah Fawcett and then became very friendly with her, so friendly that he tried to take on managing her business and at one point, some people close to him believe that they were having an affair.

"The FBI is currently investigating Pellicano, and I would be shocked if he isn't indicted for charges of illegal wiretapping and now we know that Farrah was one of his victims."

In response to the allegations, Fawcett's representative says, "Farrah was wiretapped at one point and the FBI was involved. Due to the nature of the tapping we are not at liberty to discuss what it was in regards to or whom it involved.

"All we can say is that it did happen, and what she is allowed to say about it airs on the show."

26/04/2005 17:30