Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Farrah Fawcett left comedian David Letterman stunned last night (25APR05), when she informed him he once had a chance of having a romance with her.

Fawcett returned to Letterman's LATE SHOW, and informed the funnyman that her late mother PAULINE had always suspected that he "liked" the veteran actress.

Letterman responded, "The truth of it is, I more than like you, but there's nothing I can do about it (now)... Well, not ever, not that I ever had a chance in hell anyway."

A frank Fawcett, who recently rekindled her romance with Ryan O'Neal, hit back, "Yes you did, in between the first and the second show. You knew. You were asking where I lived and what my phone number was!"

26/04/2005 21:24