Actress Farrah Fawcett became emotional during a recent trip to New York City, when she visited the station which lost the most firemen in the 11 September (01) attacks.

The former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star was on her way to a Manhattan boutique to exchange a purchase when she was informed that the store in question was on fire.

When the firemen at the scene - from Engine 54 / Ladder 4 / Battalion 9 - learned that Fawcett was on her way, they offered her a ride to their station and even gave her the opportunity to dress up in one of their uniforms.

But once the revelry died down, the actress was moved to tears when she viewed commemorative plaques dedicated to the fireman who lost their lives saving victims of the devastating attacks.

Fawcett says, "I have such respect for firemen, and then of course after 9/11 and what they went through and going to the fire station which suffered the most loss."

08/04/2005 09:23