LATEST: Actress Farrah Fawcett is eager to get on Anna Nicole Smith's good side again, after a brief war of words.

Fawcett labelled Smith's self-titled reality show a "train wreck" in the first episode of her new unscripted series CHASING FARRAH.

And the former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star's comments proved to be highly offensive to busty heiress Smith, who recently stated in her weekly column for US tabloid the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, "Train wreck? Have you seen a mirror lately? Looks like your train wreck came 15 years ago.

"What did you do anyway, hit your nose on the train? Because it sure needs to be straightened out.

"It's a shame you had to talk about me because I really loved you."

But Fawcett is keen to squash the battle, explaining, "This is so sad. When they were pitching the show to me I said the shows that I did not want to do. I wouldn't even be capable of doing one like Anna Nicole. I mean, I think she's very brave, very gutsy. I'm not Anna Nicole, I couldn't do that.

"She got mad and wrote something very bad and then at the end she said, 'It's too bad because I really loved you.' So I feel badly. It wasn't directed at her.

"I could've said (Donald Trump's The Apprentice). I didn't mean her. I meant the show. I apologise if I hurt her feelings. Just love me again, okay?"

28/04/2005 09:22