TV legend Farrah Fawcett is battling cancer, according to press reports in the US. Doctors discovered a malignant tumour in her lower intestine and she has been undergoing intensive radiation to shrink it. According to US publication The National Enquirer, after Fawcett has surgery to remove the deadly cancer, the 59-year-old former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star will have to endure chemotherapy and more grueling radiation treatments. The devastating news came after the star's appearance on 27 August (06) at the Emmy Awards, where she was reunited with former co-stars Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson during a tribute to TV producing legend Aaron Spelling. A family friend tells the magazine that her illness has brought her back together with longtime love RYAN O'NEAL, who's survived his own battle with leukaemia. The source says, "After Farrah got the diagnosis - cancer of the anus and lower intestine - she was devastated. Everyone in the family cried for days. "Then she snapped out of it and told Ryan, 'I'm going to beat this!'"