Former pin-up Farrah Fawcett has given her blessing to her father's new marriage to a woman 31 years his junior - even though he wed just months after the death of the actress' mum.

Fawcett did not attend dad JIM's 3 October (05) wedding ceremony, where he exchanged vows with ROSENDA CARBAJAL, who, at 58, is the same age as the former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star, sparking speculation that she wasn't happy about the match.

But Fawcett insists she's happy she was able to live up to a promise she made to her dying mum PAULINE, who passed away in March (05).

She says, "I am very happy for them. Before my mother died, she made me promise to do everything that could be done to make sure my father was not left alone after she was gone.

"This marriage is a gift. I've met Rosenda and she's lovely."