Farrah Abraham doesn't think anyone can really fill the void she's left on 'Teen Mom OG'.

The 26-year-old star has been replaced on the MTV series by 'Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie McKee, but Farrah doesn't believe that any of the other women on the show bring as much drama and interest as she did.

She said: ''I don't know what the show is doing.

''You could take all the girls on all the series, but none can bring or do as much as I do for the series.''

Despite this, Farrah insisted she doesn't have any ill-feeling towards the makers of the series.

Instead, she is now focusing on the next stage in her career, revealing she's keen to take on more ''scripted opportunities''.

Speaking to Us Weekly, she shared: ''I wish them all the best with the show. I'm out on a high note. This is the longest season in history and I'm their biggest star.

''I can do my own show, but I don't want to focus on reality TV. I'm focusing on scripted opportunities but will always enjoy a good reality TV project.''

Farrah is currently in the process of suing MTV and the entire team behind her former show after she was cut from the remainder of the series last October.

The reality star has accused the network of sex-shaming her for having previously worked in porn.

In her $5 million lawsuit against Viacom - which owns MTV - Eleventh Street Productions, Anxious Eleven and 'Teen Mom' producer Morgan J. Freeman, Farrah claimed the issues related to an incident on October 30, the day before she was let go from the show.

Farrah alleged that Freeman and the production crew ''harassed, humiliated and discriminated against, disrespected, ridiculed and sex shamed'' during a meeting on that date, which she claimed was in response to her adult entertainment career.

The lawsuit continued: ''Threats were made against Ms. Abraham by Freeman about ending her career with MTV and sabotaging future deals Ms. Abraham had in place with MTV, and defaming her.

''Given Freeman's hostile tone, mannerisms and body language, Ms. Abraham feared for her life.''