Fargo star William H Macy is on course to become an unlikely Hell's Angel after picking up a Harley Davidson motorcycle for playing a biker in new movie WILD HOGS. The actor is a longtime motorcycle fan but his passion for the open road has moved up a gear after playing a biker opposite John Travolta in the new movie. He says, "I'm a Harley man. There's nothing like a Harley Davidson. It's got that big engine with that many CCs between your legs and there's nothing like it. I am so completely hooked. "In college I had a little Yamaha and I used to ride that back and forth to class. When I first moved out to Los Angeles I had a small Honda and I could barely make it on the freeway with that thing. "I ride a Sportster in the film and I took lessons from JACK GILL, who was our stunt co-ordinator. "Harley and Disney then gave us our bikes - they're shipping my Sportster out to me. I'm going to take it to Colorado, it's just too dangerous to ride around LA."