Fargo star WILLIAM H. MACY has quit boozing just as his new TV drama Shameless, in which he plays an alcoholic dad, takes off.
The actor admits it's a tad ironic but he decided it was time to stop drinking.
He says, "I sorta stopped drinking about a year ago. I really like scotch... and gin and beer and wine. Every once in a while you've gotta stop... I've got my Scots, Irish background."
But he admits that not drinking in Hollywood is tough: "When you turn down a drink it's a big deal, especially at a party... I like saying, 'No thanks, I'm nursing'."
MACy has had a lifetime of boozy antics and insists he's lucky to be alive: "Back in college one time, I went out with some buddies. It was way out in the country but I was driving and I shouldn't have, and I woke up at about seven 'o'clock in the morning. The guard in my dorm was banging on the door. He said, 'You've gotta move your truck.'
"I made my way downstairs... I opened the front door, I stick my head out (and) there's my truck on the third step... I drove up onto the porch!"