Fargo star WILLIAM H. MACY has slammed his big-name peers who keep crewmembers waiting while they host on-set storytime. The respected actor hates movie stars who have no idea they're wasting others' time with tardy and egotistical behaviour. And now he's a film producer, as well as a star, MACy insists it won't be long before he slugs a "lollygagging" celebrity. He fumes, "You're chasing the light, you've gotta get the shot and you see these actors lollygagging out of their trailers. "I can't tell you the number of times I've been standing with the big, fat movie stars who are telling a story when the first AD (assistant director) is saying, 'Could you stand on your mark, could you stand on your mark? "Forty people are waiting while he finishes his story... and I wanna slap him."