Fargo star William H Macy has blasted US President George W Bush's war in Iraq, insisting the battle is "based on lies". The actor compared the current situation in Iraq with the United States' participation in the Vietnam War, which ended in 1975 after 16 years of fighting. MACy expanded his knowledge of the Vietnam War during research for his latest film BOBBY, which is set amongst the backdrop of Vietnam. MACy says, "There we were in a war that was based on a faulty premise. They were lying to us; it was going nowhere; it had no future. There was nothing to defend, and there was nothing to gain. And that's exactly where we are right now. "Administration after administration had it handed to them, so you couldn't point your finger at any one administration and say, 'This is your mess. You clean it up.' "This war, we can. We know exactly who did it, and it's based on lies, and I'm really cranky about it."