A new survey has revealed that invisibility is the superpower most British cinemagoers wish they possessed.

A poll of some 4,570 users of the video on demand portal FilmOn.com revealed that the power to go unseen, as well as the ability to control time or the weather, were more desirable superpowers than extraordinary strength or speed.

The powers of the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards and the Human Torch, the metal manipulation of Magneto and the telepathy of Professor Charles Xavier all reached the top 20, but were outdone by the climate control of Storm and the capability to exist unseen of the likes of the Invisible Woman.

"We were quite surprised when invisibility came top nationally but there are clearly a lot of people out there who would like to watch their friends and loved ones without being seen which says a lot about the way that modern people live their lives," said FilmOn.com founder Alki David.

"Being able to manipulate time would also be great as you could know the lottery results in advance or would be able to go back in time to keep Amy Winehouse on the straight and narrow!" he added.

"Lots of people would also it seems like to give Usain Bolt a run for his money, but the power to control the weather is the one I'd like the most at the moment what with the appalling rain we've had all summer."

The superpowers that FilmOn.com users most desire in descending order are:

1. Invisibility
2. Time manipulation
3. Weather control
4. Sexual magnetism
5. Superhuman strength
6. Super speed
7. Telepathy
8. X-ray vision
9. Regeneration
10. Telepathy
11. Extra-dimensional travel
12. Elasticity
13. Flame generation/control
14. Machine control
15. Super hearing
16. Shape-shifting
17. Cold generation
18. Electric powers
19. Animal control
20. Super jumping

21/09/2008 09:21:05