Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd is offering his services to David Beckham when the two Brits become neighbours in Los Angeles - in exchange for soccer tips. The Welsh actor is thrilled by the news the soccer superstar is heading for a new life in California after signing a deal to play with the Los Angeles Galaxy - and he's keen to help his acting career. Gruffudd, who plays in several Los Angeles-based amateur soccer leagues with pal Robbie Williams, whenever the ANGELS singer is in town, can't wait to befriend Beckham. He says, "Everybody I know is all excited because David Beckham is living here. I'm determined to become his acting coach." And if that doesn't work out, Gruffudd hopes to help the Beckhams get to grips with LA life. The actor has been living in Los Angeles for years and he loves the city: "I can read my script in my hot tub instead of reading my script in a cold flat in Kilburn (north London). That's the reality of it. "I loved my time living in London but I haven't looked back... I'm embracing my new adventure in Los Angeles. I've been welcomed with open arms. I love the lifestyle - you got to get in your car to go everywhere, get your shopping, go to the gym and play soccer with Robbie Williams.