Fantastic Four star Chris Evans has come out in support of gay marriage - insisting it is "appalling" for homosexuals in America to be denied the right to wed.
Evans, whose younger brother, Scott, is openly gay, is convinced that U.S. politicians will eventually step in and change the country's laws regarding same-sex unions.
Homosexual couples in California were last year (08) granted the right to wed, but had their rights revoked just months later after the passing of the Proposition 8 bill, which reversed the previous ruling permitting the unions.
And Evans is disgusted that modern society can still be so prejudiced against gay relationships.
He says, "It's mindboggling and appalling that human beings are being denied civil rights in this country. But time will heal all. I have to believe that in 10 years we won't be having this conversation. We'll be having another one, because we'll always find someone to persecute."