Veteran French actress Fanny Ardant has been criticised by Italian politicians after labelling a jailed guerilla leader her "hero". The 59-year-old praised Renato Curcio in an Italian magazine, explaining how he hadn't abandoned his left-wing ideals, unlike many leaders of the 1968 Paris student revolt. She said, "For me Renato Curcio is a hero. I always considered the Red Brigades phenomenon to be very moving and passionate." Curcio was jailed for a series of bombings in the 1970s and his group is held responsible for the murder of Christian Democrat leader Aldo Moro in 1978. Her comments infuriated Italian conservative politicians. Forza Italia politician Giancarlo Galan - the president of the Veneto region that includes Venice - asked Arden to "do us the favour of not coming to Venice for the upcoming film festival". Christian Democrat Luca Volonte added, "Nobody asks an actress to be intelligent or to know about the innumerable tragedies but at least (she should show) respect for victims' families."