LATEST: French actress Fanny Ardant is being sued by the son of an Italian policeman killed by a guerilla group, after she called it's leader her "hero". Ardant provoked outrage in Italy when she praised jailed Red Brigade founder Renato Curcio in a magazine interview, for 'not abandoning his left-wing ideals, unlike many leaders of the 1968 Paris student revolt.' She later apologised for causing "suffering to people who have already suffered". But lawyer Piero Mazzola - whose father was shot dead by the Red Brigades in 1974 - has filed a lawsuit, on the grounds Ardant has praised a murderer, a criminal offence in Italy. He says, "Curcio was convicted for the killing of my father, among other crimes. So, together with my family, I have filed legal proceedings against Ardant because she is praising a murderer. I just can't see how killing people can be called heroism. She may see the Red Brigades as passionate while sipping champagne in Paris, but for us it's very different."