LATEST: French actress Fanny Ardant may be forced to cancel an upcoming visit to Italy after facing a legal challenge by the son of an Italian policeman. The Sabrina star prompted outrage in Italy after praising guerilla leader Renato Curcio in a magazine interview, for "not abandoning his left-wing ideals, unlike many leaders of the 1968 Paris student revolt". But Peiro Mazzola, whose father was murdered by Curcio's Red Brigades in 1974, hit out at Ardant's remarks and has invited her to come to learn the country's dark past on her visit to the Venice Film Festival next week (begs03Sep07). He says, "Let her come to Venice and realize that not so long ago this land was soaking with blood. "And I don't mean the tomato sauce they use in movies, I mean real blood." And Festival director Marco Mueller insists he disagrees with Ardant's comments. He says, "We are obviously ready to welcome her, but that does not mean that we agree with her views about some of the most tragic events of our recent past." Ardant's movie L'Ora di Punta is scheduled to premiere at the festival on 6 September.