Stunning actress Famke Janssen was so distraught after losing her luxury purse at a birthday bash for actor pal Sam Rockwell, she had all party-goers on the floor searching for it.

A "visibly upset" Janssen caused such a scene on Tuesday (04NOV03) night at plush New York venue TAI, every member of the A-list crowd helped her find her Marc Jacobs accessory.

An onlooker tells website PAGE SIX, "She insisted that the party pause while the 500 people, including Philip Seymour Hoffman and Steven Cojocaru, scrambled about looking for it.

"We all felt sorry for her because she was visibly upset and proclaimed that, 'My life was in that bag!'"

But the incident failed to sour the spirits of MATCHSTICK MEN star Rockwell - once the purse was found he slipped out with a sexy blonde and continued the party at glitzy club BUNGALOW 8.

06/11/2003 17:02