Famke Janssen and Daniel Day-Lewis are in negotiations to play Superman's space-age mum and dad, LARA and JOR-EL, in Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS.

Kevin Spacey has already signed on to play the comic book superhero's arch foe LEX LUTHER and Kate Bosworth will play lovestruck reporter Lois Lane in the latest Superman movie.

And now Singer has called on Dutch actress Janssen, who played JEAN GREY in his X-Men movies, and Day-Lewis to recreate the characters played by Susannah York and Marlon Brando on the big screen in past Superman movies.

Australian movie website MOVIEHOLE.COM also reports that Kevin Bacon and Barry Pepper are also set to be added to the cast and Jude Law is in negotiations to play GENERAL ZOD in the allstar project, due to his screens next year (06).

10/02/2005 03:56