Taken 2 producers were forced to hire a stunt double to shoot actress Famke Janssen's kidnap scene because she is extremely claustrophobic.

In the sequel to the popular 2009 thriller, the Dutch beauty is abducted by criminals, who shove a bag over her head.

However, Janssen grew so anxious about the sequence, director Olivier Megaton decided to recruit a body double to fill in for her.

Janssen tells the New York Daily News, "I'm extremely claustrophobic. I wouldn't let them put the sack on my head until just before Olivier said, 'Action.' And then they had to rip it right off."

But the actress' dislike for small, dark spaces didn't just present a problem on the Taken 2 set - for her upcoming movie Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, make-up artists had to create her facial plaster cast in different stages so as not to send her over the edge.

She adds, "They had to do a plaster cast of my face for the prosthetics. But they had to do it one half at a time, in pieces. I couldn't have my whole face covered. I even feel claustrophobic when I'm wearing prosthetic make-up."