Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane was given a comedic roasting by fellow funnymen Seth Green, Bill Maher and Patton Oswalt as he was presented with a special award for his career achievements.

The Ted moviemaker was the guest of honour at the Power of Comedy event in Los Angeles on Friday night (16Nov12), when comics came together to celebrate MACFarlane's career and raise money for cancer research charity The Noreen Fraser Foundation.

TV Batman Adam West presented MACFarlane with the Power of Comedy award, and the honouree was given a roasting by his Family Guy star Seth Green, who told his boss, "Not since the two Coreys have two people with the same name so completely dominated Hollywood."

MACFarlane took the evening in good spirits and joked the roast may cost him his job as host of the 2013 Academy Awards, telling the audience, "(It is my) sincere belief that in the past 10 minutes, I have Brett Ratner-ed myself out of the Oscars."

The funnyman's jibe was a reference to director Brett Ratner, who stepped down as 2012 Oscars producer after voicing a homophobic slur at a public event.

Previous recipients of the award include Russell Brand and Amy Poehler.