Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz is smarting after losing a bet with Cobra Starship frontman GABE SAPORTA - he now has a large tattoo of the singer's face on his leg.
The pals recently made a bet which would allow Saporta to design some new body art for Wentz if Cobra Starship's hit track Good Girls Go Bad sold more than a million copies.
The song hit the mark and Wentz lost the bet - and Saporta took his friend to the tattoo parlour to have a large picture of himself etched on his leg.
Wentz tells MTV.com, "Well, I promised Gabe if Good Girls Go Bad went platinum, I would let him pick a tattoo to put on me. A man with such humble beginnings, of course, chose a self-portrait. I held through with the bet."
Wentz's calf is now emblazoned with an image of Saporta's face and the inscription "Gabey Baby Made Me Go Bad."
The pair's pranks have caused trouble in the past - Wentz recently revealed his friend's personal phone number by printing the digits on a t-shirt which he wore during a televised performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Saporta hit back by announcing his pal's email address during the Los Premios MTV prizegiving earlier this month (Oct09).