Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz could never turn fully gay - because he hates the look of penises. The rocker recently thrilled his homosexual and bisexual fans by boasting he was the "make out king" and often kisses boys because "everything above the waist is fair game". But Wentz, who famously flashed his own manhood on a leaked cellphone picture, fears he couldn't take his affections for men much further - because he hates the sight of male genitals. He tells gay magazine The Advocate, "I'm not a real big fan of penises. Like my own, whenever I look at it, I just don't find anything attractive about it. "I can't believe girls are into it. It blows my mind a little bit... I just can't get past that thing. It's weird looking." But, if he was to turn gay, he'd be looking for Batman Christian Bale's double: "That's a good-looking dude."