Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson-WENTZ are eyeing a dream move to France to escape the paparazzi.
The bassist married the pop star in May 2008 and they welcomed their first child, son Bronx Mowgli, six months later.
Wentz has previously told of his desire to leave Los Angeles after tiring of the attention from photographers - and the couple now has France in its sights.
He tells Britain's Kerrang! magazine, "When I leave my house there are 10 cars waiting outside to take pictures. We have to go from secure location to secure location, places where my wife and kid won't get photographed too much. My wife works in L.A., so it's really hard. I'd love to live in another country for a year while our son is still young enough. Somewhere cool, like France. Maybe we wouldn't get bugged as much."