LATEST: Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz has denied launching a legal challenge to stop Canadian rockers NEUROSONIC releasing a song mocking his girlfriend Ashlee Simpson. The bassist was reported to have sent a cease and desist notice to the group in a bid to prevent them from promoting their track So Many People. Neurosonic wrote the song in response to Simpson's disastrous TV performance on Saturday Night Live in 2004 which caught her lip-synching. However Wentz, who has been dating the singer since last year (06), has denied sending the letter, insisting he doesn't know anything about the band or their song. He writes in a blog on the Fall Out Boy website, "I have never heard of that band or ever sent a cease and desist in my life. Hope it works out for you. "I'm still not gonna have a fight in the press - it's one thing I am really proud of myself for this year. If your songs are good then sleep easy and have fun playing them - just don't attach me to them."