Fall Out Boy have enlisted the help of superstar rapper Kanye West for their new album - the second high profile rap star to feature on the rockers' INFINITY ON HIGH. The TAKE THIS TO YOUR GRAVE hitmakers have already recruited SHAWN 'JAY-Z' CARTER to perform on track CAR CRASH, but they were determined to have West add his personal touch to the album too - and they couldn't believe their luck when they found out the GOLDDIGGER star lived near the band's bass player Pete Wentz. Wentz tells MTV.com, "I ran into Kanye at some fashion show in California. He was like, 'We should hang out some time!' "It turns out he's one of my neighbours in California. So he called me and (frontman) PATRICK (STUMP) up one day and invited us over to his place. We went, and he played us new songs and we played him some of ours. And he agreed to do a remix for us."