Rock outfit Fall Out Boy have brought their long-running feud with rivals KILLERS to an end by offering to wine and dine the band. A bitter war of words has been raging since last year (05) after Killers frontman BRANDON FLOWERS slammed the Illinois band in an interview with British music magazine NME. But Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz now insists he has huge respect for the SOMEBODY TOLD ME hitmakers, and hopes they can bury their differences. He says, "We played Vegas the other night and we invited The Killers to our party afterwards, but they didn't show. I think they were recording. "He hasn't officially accepted my invitation yet. I think it would be awesome. He's probably a good date. And I'm buying, Brandon! I'd take him somewhere classy, maybe go to Nobu and get some sushi." Wentz even contended the quarrel may have arisen because the bands share more in common than they'd like to believe. He adds, "He (Flowers) wouldn't want to hear this, but I think more than anything, we're too similar to each other. "We both over-analyse everything, and we're both totally neurotic."