Fall Out Boy are to stop performing 'Beat It'.

The rockers have decided not to continue giving their rendition of the track - which they recorded with John Mayer last year - following the death of the song's original artist, Michael Jackson, following his death in June.

Basisst Pete Wentz revealed: "We never got the chance to meet him. I don't even know if he heard it. We kind of recorded it on a whim, like, nine months before he passed away."

"We've decided not to play it anymore. It's his song, you know? We put it on the record because we did a video for it, but it's definitely his song."

The bassist - who writes most of the group's lyrics - also admitted that he takes great care when choosing the band's infamously long song titles, but never reveals them until the last minute.

He added: "Lyrics are just like spring cleaning; it just dumps out of my head and leaves Patrick to put it together. Song titles are all inside jokes or references to the songs. They're not random. I choose them at the last minute before the record goes to print and then it just pisses everybody off."