The members of Fall Out Boy avoided a messy split by taking a break after seven years or recording and touring, according to rocker Pete Wentz.
The bass player admits the group are now more than likely to hit to road again after the bandmates agreed to take a hiatus and protect their friendships.
The Dance, Dance hitmaker says, "We were doing this hard for seven years. We were going promo, tour, tour, recording, promo, tour, world tour, and there's no way to not get burned out when you're doing that, and rather than let the band implode and not like each other... we were like, 'Let's take a break from this and step away and everybody kind of get out all their personal ideas'.
"We're all in different lanes so we're able to support each other and we're probably tighter as friends now... I think that Fall Out Boy has a better chance now of doing something in the future than ever."