Actress KELI HAWK was left red faced and stunned when she had to remove movie husband Faizon Love's shorts in new comedy COUPLES RETREAT - because the big guy wasn't wearing anything underneath.
The couple was shooting the scene on a beach in Bora Bora and Hawk was sure her co-star would have his privates covered up - but he was happy for her to see everything.
She tells WENN, "When I went to pull down his pants, I assumed there would be a sock or something, but, no, I pulled down the pants and it was there! I was so mad that he didn't have anything there and that nobody told me.
"We're making a comedy, so nobody told me they're gonna pull their d**k out, because that would ruin the joke, so hardy har, har.
"None of the other actresses knew either, and suddenly people started to crowd around; people were swimming to us from the other side of the island."
Love's loose tackle made him a stud on the island.
Hawk adds, "He tried to walk around Bora Bora naked and the islanders thought that it was kind of cool - they left him a bunch of gifts. He was like a fertility legend, a walking fertility God on the island because he was willing to take that chance!"