Faithless singer Maxi Jazz found himself the audience rather than the performer at the end of his set at the O2 Wireless festival in London yesterday.

The singer was treated to an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday as he celebrated his big day, having entertained Hyde Park with classic hits Insomnia and God Is A DJ.

Faithless also performed Bring My Family Back and Mass Destruction before closing with Salva Mea as their encore.

The headlining group had been preceded by Mark Ronson and Phat Planet, while The Gotan Project, Kelis and Pharaoh Monch also performed at the festival.

Meanwhile in Leeds organisers insisted the festival would go ahead despite the torrential rains which have blighted the north of England in the last 48 hours.

"Despite the inclement weather, Wireless Leeds is definitely going ahead," a statement from the organisers insisted.

Sleeping beneath the stars is likely to be less fun than they make out, however.

16/06/2007 19:18:24