Faithless star SISTER BLISS has blasted pop star Kylie Minogue for not writing her own songs, insisting she is merely a "puppet" for other people's talents. The Insomnia songwriter/producer - real name Ayalah Bentovim - claims she'd never choose to work with Minogue because she doesn't have anything interesting to say, unlike "feisty" British artists like Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. She says, "Kylie is not somebody I'd write for. I have no interest in people like that. I like people with an opinion who are a bit eccentric, quirky and have an agenda. And Kylie, lovely though I'm sure she is, has nothing to say that I'm interested to hear. I prefer a strong female, someone who can really write lyrics. "Kylie doesn't write her own stuff. Everyone does it for her - she's a puppet. I prefer someone I could co-write with. "They (Winehouse and Allen) are feisty, they've carved their own niche, they've got an opinion and are not scared to be themselves."