Dido is making an electronic album.

The British singer/songwriter wants to revisit the musical style of her early recordings with her brother Rollo Armstrong's dance group Faithless for her fourth studio LP, the follow-up to 2008's 'Safe Trip Home'.

She is quoted by website Angry Ape as saying: "The last few months has been spent mostly at home just writing and recording away on my own in the kitchen - still the place I get the most done.

"I'm really enjoying what I've been doing. I've been embracing my electronic roots again which is even more enjoyable than ever before after all I've been learning in the last few years."

Dido is working with Rollo again on the as-yet untitled LP - due for release early next year - and the 37-year-old pop star admits he inspires her to push herself musically.

She added: "I'm working with Rollo at the moment and he's great at inspiring me to play everything. He doesn't really give me a choice. He really pushes me, but hopefully we'll get some professionals in soon."