A star-studded screening for new American football drama FRIDAY NIGHT Lights was almost cancelled last week (ends24SEP04) when the film's star TIM McGRAW refused to sit and watch his big screen debut.

A terrified McGraw insisted on sitting the film out in the corridor outside the screening room, but producers refused to show the picture until he was sitting in his seat between his wife Faith Hill and co-star BILLY BOB THORNTON.

McGraw says, "I didn't want to see the movie until the premiere. Everybody was saying how good it turned out, so I just lived with that. I didn't want to ruin my impression.

"But everyone wanted me to see it and they set up a screening and Billy Bob Thornton was there and Faith, my wife. I just didn't want to go in. I stayed outside and finally they said, 'Look, we really got to get this started or people are gonna leave!'

"We go in and see it and I was really nervous to see myself up there because all I would be doing is ripping it apart and focusing on how bad I thought I did and not pay attention to the movie. But as soon as the movie started it felt good."

03/10/2004 21:11