Romantic country stars Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw have a special reminder of the night they decided to get married - a full-length mirror.

Hill scrawled her romantic answer to McGraw's impromptu proposal on the mirror, and made sure it was the first thing he saw when he came off stage after performing live.

She recalls, "He's about to walk out on stage and he's like, 'Will you marry me?' and I said, 'What? Of course, yes.' He knows I will but I wanted to answer... 'Darling, I've waited for you all of my life.'

"While he's on stage there's this (touring) case that has this big mirror in it and I write with a big black sharpie (pen), 'Yes, I'm going to be your wife.'

"So when he comes back in that's what he sees and that's my answer and we still have it."

And the couple know how to keep their romance alive as they get ready to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary this week (06OCT05) - even with three young daughters running around the house.

Hill adds, "We've come up with so many creative ways of making it happen because the kids are always around and they just show up.

"It's like this exotic thing - it's like, there's the closet, there's the kitchen. What's a bed? It doesn't exist anymore."