R+B singer Faith Evans deals with her 2004 drug possession arrest on her new single AGAIN.

The former BAD BOY RECORDS star was arrested with her husband TODD RUSSAW last January (04) when police in Atlanta, Georgia found drugs in the couple's car following a routine traffic stop.

But Evans, the former wife of Notorious BIG, has turned one of her darkest days into a hit new tune, giving her the chance to attack the media for making the arrest look like she had a drug problem.

She tells MTV NEWS, "Half of what was reported was not even the case. It's been over for a long time. It's not on my record. I didn't go to rehab. I don't recall seeing any evidence... or being tested for anything.

"I can't reply to half of the things out there. We did get arrested. We did have to spend the night in jail. We did have to pay a lot of bond money."

The couple agreed to enter a 13-week pretrial drug-abuse intervention programme as part of a settlement in February (05). If they stay clear of similar charges, the case will not go to trial.

06/04/2005 21:30