R+B singer Faith Evans was so intent on looking seductive in the video for her new song MESMERIZED she practiced a range of sexy facial expressions in her mirror.

Evans, widow of rapper Notorious BIG, donned a golden outfit and traded in her trademark red tresses for a platinum blonde in the recent shoot.

But before taking to the stage at the historic Los Angeles Theatre, Evans decided to take a crash course in pulling seductive facial expressions.

She says, "I rehearsed in front of a mirror, making sexy faces and pouts...

"I don't wear 'Hello, I need attention' type of outfits. So it was nice to do something different. I was like, 'Oh, my God, sexy mama!' I think I looked pretty hot - I definitely felt that way."

Evans adds of her lightened locks, "It put me in a Brigitte Bardot frame of mind. I feel like a sex kitten."